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Welcome to Steve Nicholls Guitar Tuition, a business based in Wiltshire that offers instrumental and songwriting instruction for beginners of all ages, whether you're a classical guitar, electric, or acoustic player. My services include helping students develop their skills and techniques as well as providing them with the opportunity to perform live. What's unique about me is that I have over 30 years of experience in the music industry, assisting songwriters and guitarists at the highest level within the industry.
Classically trained, I'm able to teach classical guitar and develop students' skills and techniques. My focus is to show you how to love the instrument and how to use it to help you with everyday living. I can teach you classical, rock, and folk styles to help you reach any level you desire. I'm committed to helping you hit the centre of the target and develop your own sound, style, and voice.
For those of you looking for guidance on how to write a song, I'm here to help. I have experience and can offer you the writing tips, tricks, and advice you need to get your songwriting journey off on the right foot. I'll show you how to make your song stand out in a crowd.
Whether you're a beginner or a working musician, you'll benefit from my instructional services. Contact me today to learn more and start your musical journey. I want to help you reach your musical goals and provide the tools and knowledge you'll need. So don't wait; contact me today and book a lesson to start your musical journey!


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