Discover the Art of Guitar and Songwriting

I've been providing professional guitar tuition to adults and kids for more than 30 years. My expertise and love of music are incredibly important to me. That's why I offer a range of music services to help people grow as musicians, expand their horizons, and have a successful music career. My guitar tuition enables people of all skill levels to learn various styles of music, including classical, acoustic, and electric guitars.
I'm classically trained, and I customise my teaching to suit the particular needs of each student. This includes teaching techniques, chords, playing styles, improvising, and more. I'm proud to have worked with many different students, some of whom have gone on to pursue successful music careers.
In addition to guitar tuition, I offer unique songwriting courses that help people become songwriters. They can learn techniques like how to create lyrics, craft melodies, and structure songs. My intention is to foster an environment for people to express their creativity and turn it into something beautiful.
I'm passionate about helping people realise their musical potential and enabling them to reach their musical goals. That's why I provide personalised guidance and pay special attention to each student. If you're looking to learn guitar, brush up on your chords, or improve your songwriting skills, contact me and let's get started on your musical journey.


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